Total Productive Maintenance - A 2 Day Intensive Course


V. Narayan BMech, DipEE, DIM (View Profile)


You have restructured manufacturing operations and brought down labor costs. You have employed modern maintenance management techniques to capitalise on cost effective strategies for maintenance and achieved sharper maintenance policies and increased availability. How do you ensure that the maintenance requirements of physical assets are met as cheaply and effectively as possible? The answer is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). TPM is a manufacturing led initiative that emphasises the importance of people, a 'can do' and 'continuous improvement' philosophy and the importance of production and maintenance staff working together. This seminar will show you how to secure commitment and plan for the successful implementation of TPM.


Session One - Introduction and Objectives
Overview of TPM TPM principles and techniques

Session Two - Introduction and Objectives (cont.)
Using a TPM improvement plan
How to position TPM within current improvement initiatives

Session Three - TPM Initiation
How to tailor TPM for your business and make it work effectively

Session Four - Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Measurements/Accuracy/Reasons Why
How to turn OEE data into information
Average OEE's vs. World Class OEE's - myths and realities


Session One - Conditions Required for TPM
Organisational changes involved to develop multifunctional teams
Effective teamworking Skills and training
Problem classification and problem solving techniques
The benefits from TPM and how to hold on to them
Using TPM to design out machinery problems?

Session Two - Wash up
Summary of critical success factors
The way forward (action plan/pilot area)
Distribution of reference material and questions

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