Reliability Centred Maintenance: A Four Day Intensive Training Course.



V. Narayan BMech, DipEE, DIM (View Profile)


Increased economic pressures have forced the maintainer to become more cost conscious. Further, the application of new technology and the implementation of new business practises mean that effective maintenance of plant and equipment requires ever-greater technical and managerial skill. Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) is a proven opportunity to capitalise on cost effective strategies for maintenance and achieve sharper maintenance policies, slimmer budgets, increased availability and a more motivated workforce. To ensure companies realise optimum maintenance they need to adopt strategies that maximise availability and safety and minimise operating cost. These strategies can be delivered using RCM and this seminar will show you exactly how.


Session One - Introduction and Objectives

Overview of RCM
Why RCM is different

Session Two - Introduction and Objectives (cont.)

What you should expect from RCM
Who should do RCM

Session Three - Project Initiation

Selecting systems for RCM analysis; the decision process

Session Four - Simple Reliability

Putting the Reliability into RCM
Where to find reliability information in your organisation



Session One - Reliability & Maintainability

How to use reliability information for maintenance

Session Two - Functions and Functional Failures

The Operating context
How to identify and document Functions and Functional Failures
The "can-want" model

Session Three - Failures and Failure Modes

Hidden and evident failures
Causes of failure
Failure consequences

Session Four - FMEA

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)



Session One - FMEA (Cont.)

Maintenance Strategy Exercise

Session Two - FCA

Failure Characteristics Analysis (FCA)

Session Three - Maintenance Strategy Selection

Maintenance strategy alternatives

Session Four - Maintenance Strategy Selection (cont.)

"Applicable and Effective" maintenance tasks



Session One - RCM Software

RCM methodologies & commercial software

Session Two - Application of RCM technique

Introduction to RCM Structure Methods
Zonal Inspections

Session Three - Wash up

Practical implementation of RCM
Industry experience with RCM
Summary of critical success factors
Distribution of reference material and questions


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RCM is a team activity. These teams are led by an RCM specialist known as a facilitator.  M2K provides an 8-day RCM Facilitator Course to enable companies to develop in-house RCM facilitators.

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