MOSaIC is an acronym for Management, Operations, Systems & Integrity Check, an inclusive and structured approach to improve the performance of physical assets. MOS&IC is a collaborative effort between your asset management staff and ourselves. Both groups bring important elements to the review. The local members bring ownership, records/information, local experience and knowledge of specific problem areas and installation mature. The visiting members bring knowledge of performance, best practices, and team experience. The process compares local practices with proven best practices, identifies worthwhile improvement opportunities and devises "what to do and how to do it" solutions to exploit these opportunities.

The objectives of MOSaIC are to:

o   improve equipment reliability and plant availability,

o   optimise maintenance expenditure,

o   maintain or increase plant integrity.

MOSaIC is not an audit against checklists and references to standard management systems. It is much more an analysis of a facility's asset management processes by experienced external practitioners in partnership with the client. These data are analysed in detail to appraise your facilities in terms of maintenance or manufacturing excellence against world class benchmarks. Once the 'Size of the Prize' (i.e. dollar benefit) has been determined the Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) that need to be addressed for its realisation are listed and prioritized, then action plans and the specific tools required to address each OFI are designed. These specific action plans with quantified achievable gains, enable the company to fully 'bank the benefit'.

Opportunities for Improvement typically include:

Hardware e.g. inadequate quality of materials or construction, non-availability of hardware and failures due to ageing or load.

Design e.g. deficiencies in layout or design of facilities and equipment.

Procedures e.g. unclear, unavailable, incorrect or otherwise unusable standardised task information.

Training e.g. skills gaps, competency and re-skilling.

Contracting Strategy e.g. all maintenance work conducted in-house with peak shaving and special services being contracted out, or maintenance work (including management of the process) contracted out to an Integrated Service Contractor.

Management of Operational Reliability e.g. revalidate exisiting maintenance plans using structured tools such as Reliability Centered Maintenance and "risk based" methods, implement Root Cause Analysis, establish relevant Key Performance Indicators for reliability performance in each discipline.

Organisation e.g. communicate to all employees the future of the business, produce an organisation strategy to fit this, and update the organogram in line with this.

Planning, Scheduling and Resource Optimisation e.g. derive Planned Maintenance from RCM and similar methods and prepare an overall plan for the improvements.

Warehousing, Procurement and Logistics e.g. spare parts optimisation, standard specs and negotiating volume discounts.

Maintenance Management e.g. systems ensuring technical integrity of facilities, including, corrosion controls and function testing of protective devices.

Generally all installations do some things well and from this starting point, we help the client revamp their maintenance process. It is not the intention to "start with a clean sheet of paper" and entirely rebuild the asset management process. We have found that making the current organisation work properly can be more effective than reorganisation. MOSaIC is performed by a team comprising staff experienced in operations, maintenance, and reliability, these staff are generally practitioners as opposed to theorists.

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