PLASMA (PLAnt SiMulation Analysis)


PLASMA (PLAnt SiMulation Analysis) is a powerful RAM (Reliability, Availability & Maintainability) simulator which will enable you to analyze the availability and reliability of complex and dependent systems efficiently and accurately. Conventional analytical tools such steady state availability calculations are unable to fully account for all relevant variables and are usually based on a "snap shot in time". They can tell you what is possible, not what is probable. This approach also limits the scope for assessing the interactions between elements of a system and quickly answering "what if" scenarios presented by designers and operators. PLASMA offers the solution to these problems.

A standard reliability block diagram (RBD) process lets you compute the reliability and availability; but what if you want to incorporate maintenance activities and determine how they influence key reliability parameters? How do you manage the availability of spare parts and repair resources for critical components? To account for these complexities, you need a fully functional system simulation modeling software package. The PLASMA simulator can model complex redundancies, common failures, ageing and component dependencies, which cannot be modelled using standard analytical techniques.

M2K can also guide and assist companies by modelling both the design and post-design phases of a system's life-cycle - to achieve performance levels of in-service reliability and availability that match cost and operational requirements. Working across a broad range of sectors, including oil and gas, transport and the military, our expertise can extend to almost any application, to improve performance and maximise asset efficiency.

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